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After about ten years of working for some of the top non-fiction media companies in the Washington, DC area we decided to form 3five Media. Our company specializes in helping you reach your audience with compelling and engaging video that helps you grow your social community, increase traffic to your website and achieve your organizational goals. 3five offers full script-to-screen production services for the web, TV or whatever platform you are working on. The small size of our company allows us to move quickly and respond to the needs of our customers and the changing digital landscape.

Let’s face it. The only thing worse then not having video for your organization – is having bad video. We’ve all seen it. Within about 4 seconds your audience either tunes out or clicks away. It’s frustrating and – worst of all – avoidable. It’s 3five’s mission to make sure that every video has a clear, dedicated message and leaves the audience engaged and entertained.

We look for opportunities to help people and brands with their messages in a way that delights and satisfies their audience. The hope with any video is that it can be used over and over again with the same result – thus lowering your costs and increasing your bottom line. That’s our mission. We’ll even do it under budget. You’re welcome.

Kevin Barnhill – Producer/Directorkb
I’ve always loved storytelling. From acting out whole movies with my friends when I was 4, to using a closed circuit TV station in my high school to run a morning news show – let’s just say I’m passionate about it.

I’m a former video producer for Discovery Communications and a graduate of James Madison’s School of Media Arts and Design. My background has taken me from the artificial turf of Animal Planet Stadium for the Puppy Bowl to the muddy fields of Bridgeville, Delaware for the Punkin’ Chunkin’ World Championships. Along the way I’ve met great people (as well as animals) and gotten to tell their stories.

During my career I have also worked with major companies in the field of branded entertainment. I have produced and edited original video series for brands like Unilever, Purina, Eukanuba, First Response and Google Maps. I believe that every individual brand has a story to tell that will connect them with their customers.

I love talking with people about video and love every part of the production process. I form partnerships with my clients so that we are both invested in the final outcome of every project. Video just isn’t my job – it’s my passion.