Babies and Puppies: Why They Work for Video

Since the famous E-Trade commercials debuted some years ago, the unmistakable, compelling appeal of using babies to jack up the emotional factor in ads is a proven fact. Today babies promote every kind of product from automobiles to computers. Apart from human babies, animal young ones like kittens, puppies, day-old chicks, lion cubs or new born foals have all been found to cause just the same kind of warm, fuzzy-happy feelings in people and have them sharing and clicking like never before. The next thing you know, you’re adding products to your digital shopping cart and ordering the product.

At least this is what the brand managers would have us believe. Whether viewing feel-good content really translates to sales and revenues is moot but there’s definitely a very powerful impact that babies and puppies can create, making your video memorable.

Lots of studies have shown that viewing cute animals and their antics elicits the nurturing element in us. It also creates a more narrow emotional focus which is based on the logic that when we’re around a baby or vulnerable creature, we’re more alert and geared for action. We become more attentive and observant; our senses are more open to receive messages

Using babies and puppies can really make your video rock. These images stimulate the emotional centers of the brain, opening the floodgates of wants, needs, desires and fears across all demographics whether the target audience is rural or urban, of any age group, economically privileged, on a higher social scale, educated, or not. Such images tap into the psychographic element of advertising as shown by brain images that actually map the minds of consumers. Paired with the right type of lighting, music and voice-overs, babies and puppies can cause even the most hardheaded and cynical viewer to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. These images also take us back to our own fond memories of youth.

More creative campaigns use babies and puppies in unusual or startling contexts or in unfamiliar settings making them even more attention grabbing. For instance, in this Evian commercial – – adults actually see themselves as babies and perform a number of popular dance routines. Their core message of “Live Young” fits the message of the video perfectly. This video currently has over 63 million video views on YouTube. By having babies featured in their ad, consumers are CHOOSING to watch it!

Tugging at the heartstrings to get people to loosen their purse strings is an old and respected strategy in marketing and using babies and puppies can certainly work for your video if you get the tone and emotional pitch right.