If building a video is like building a house – you have to start with the foundation. No successful video can skip the pre-production phase. In this phase we will outline all the details of the project, refine your message and lay the groundwork for the entire project. Each project will have a producer that works with you as your point person from start to finish.

We provide the following pre-production services as part of our partnership:
Idea Generation
Script Development
Talent Casting
Location Scouting
Budgets and Releases

Every project requires a different plan for production. Some videos are entirely animated and will skip the production phase altogether. Whether your video requires on-location production, green screen studio or re-enactments – 3five is ready to do the job. We use only the highest quality professionals on our crew to deliver the best looking and most professional product.

We provide the following production services as part of our partnership:
Full crew (Producer, Director, Videographer, Audio Engineer, Grips, PAs – the works)
HD cameras and accessories – Sony EX-3, Panasonic HPX-500, Canon C100, Nikon and Canon DSLR
Audio equipment
Lighting and grip gear
Professional voice over
Makeup and wardrobe (as necessary)
Production design

This is where the movie magic happens. We will backup, log, edit, color grade and add audio design to your video. 3five also specializes in motion graphics and will come up with a unique “look” for your video. The whole process will be guided by your producer – who will make sure the video stays on message and on time.

We provide the following post-production services as part of our partnership:
Log and capture
Editing (Final Cut Pro, AVID or Adobe Premiere Pro – we’re versatile)
Audio Post
Motion Graphics and Animation (Adobe After Effects)
Color Grading (using Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite)
DVD Authoring
Music Licensing

Once we are done editing your project we will get it ready for the web, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes or whatever other platform you’ll be using to show it off on.