Making Video Work For You and Not Against You

It’s said that a picture speaks a thousand words. With YouTube emerging as one of the most popular information distribution hubs worldwide, most marketing departments and media professionals are making sure that their campaigns hit a bull’s eye through effective videos. There are thousands of videos and presentations jostling for space. All of them are trying to grab eyeballs with creative, unique and original videos. For your video to stand out in this crowd, it needs that extra zing. Today, some of the most talked-about videos go viral in a matter of hours and set the entire World Wide Web buzzing.

An effective and powerful video presentation can launch your product into dizzy heights but, equally, a poorly made, tacky video can drive it into oblivion no matter how good the product itself is. The trick is to make video work for you and not against you.

Time it Right: Typically, ad campaigns and presentations have worked on the two-minute rule. Today’s generation is certainly in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean that you need to cut your videos too short – you can afford to take a little extra time to tell your story. If your video is a winner, people don’t mind watching a slightly longer presentation. However, keeping it short is always advisable.

Script it Right: However creative you are, don’t assume that you can ad lib your way through. Get a complete script down, do several drafts and rehearsals before you begin shooting. There should be action and drama somewhere in the script. Factor in the weather, lighting, music, voice-overs, actors, setting, costumes, mood and tone of the video.

Focus it Right: Don’t leave your audience guessing about what you’re trying to say or promote. The video must be clearly linked to your brand’s core message. If it’s a product, an idea or a service you’re trying to sell, get it center-stage and from the word go. It’s OK to play around with mystery and suspense but only if your script is right. Make your product do the work in your video, demo it and showcase it effectively.

Format it Right: With so many tools, platforms and formats available, make sure that the structure and format you use for your video is right for your company, product or service. See it from your target audience’s point of view and ensure that they get the right message: What’s In It For Them? Some stock images like babies, animals (visually appealing ones), or happy and attractive people, etc are guaranteed to evoke the right emotions but you don’t want to over-burden your video with clichés, so use effective formats to spin the story.

Promote it Right: Use the available video seeding, thumbnail optimization or other strategies to promote your video. Social analytics data, tracking, content optimization and a host of tools are available to zoom your video right to the top of the charts.

In this emerging age of digital media video is becoming the go-to medium for connecting with an audience and, potentially, customers. However, having a bad video can be even worse than having no video at all.