Branded Entertainment VideosBranded Entertainment
The evolution of marketing has taken a new form in the video space. Even though people are more willing to watch traditional 15 and 30 second ads than ever before – they don’t form a CONNECTION through an ad. That’s where branded entertainment comes in.

We will work with you to connect your brand’s promise with your core audience in a way that keeps them watching and leaves them with a favorable impression of your brand. I’ll give you an example.

When Purina created the “Mighty Dog” brand they were going after more than just small dogs with their product. They were looking to shed the label that small dogs were somehow softer and less of a dog than their bigger counterparts. Thus – I helped create the series “Small Dogs, Big Jobs” which brought to life stories of small dogs that did extraordinary things.

My favorite story from that series was a documentary we did for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at the Atlanta International Airport about their Detector Dogs. These were some of the best beagles I have ever met – but they were experts at detecting contraband. They really brought to life the brand promise that Purina was trying to convey… “Small, but Mighty”.

Marketing VideosMarketing
It doesn’t matter if you are the mom and pop shop down the street or a Fortune 50 brand. If you have a message – we’ll help you refine it and broadcast it to your target audience. We believe everyone has a story to tell and its our passion to find it.

Marketing, especially on the web, is constantly changing and evolving. We work with our customers to help them target their message on every platform that they are on. We understand that people “like” you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or come to your website for very different reasons and work to develop messages that speak to your audience no matter what platform they are on.

The marketing solutions we provide are:
Corporate communications videos
Recruiting videos
Product videos
Video sales letters
Whiteboard animation videos

Training videosTraining
One of the biggest financial hurdles for any organization is not only finding the best employees but keeping them as well. New regulations, software or professional development trainings can be expensive and require your employees to travel to conferences and workshops around the country – taking them out of their jobs and losing productivity. Video can help you solve these problems.

By spending time with you and your organization we can design targeted training videos that not only meet your needs – but keep your audience engaged. The true measure of any training video is whether or not the audience retains the message. We’ll work with you to accomplish that mission.

Once completed, we’ll even host the videos for you online so they can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. We’re nice like that.

Some of the training solutions we offer are:
Safety videos
Corporate training videos
Orientation videos
New software tutorials
Management training videos

Web Videos
99% of the projects we get contacted about are for clients who need a video for their website. It makes sense. Video is the most effective means of communicating with your audience. Not only does it personalize your brand – it establishes you as a professional organization that can build a digital community.

Did you know that people who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who don’t? Did you also know that recall of video content was 74% higher than that of text recall alone?

Video is a powerful tool and can help you get your message to your audience in a way that informs and entertains.