The Right Time of Day to Target Your Customers

With the boundaries between work and leisure, personal time and professional commitments, day and night becoming more blurred, with people working and communicating across time zones and geographies, it’s time to ponder that age-old question, “So when’s a good time to talk?”

Today, it looks as if any time is a great time to target your customers – with people staying connected 24×7 and being constantly accessible via smart phones, tablets and a host of devices, the dilemma is not how to reach them but when. Is there a Golden Hour or an Enchanted Evening when your message and nothing else arrives and is eagerly consumed by that target audience? Psychologists and sociologists have gone ballistic in trying to determine the right time of day to target your customers and the reports are interesting and educative.

There are many tools that can collate and analyze your Internet habits and make conclusions about when messages are likely to have the most impact on you personally.

First off, we need to analyze the message itself: if it’s advertising a resort or weekend getaway, there’s little point in posting it first thing on Monday morning, when the customer is flooded with a backlog of weekend mail, though ideally this would be the perfect time to ensure that your message is definitely seen. Many restaurants and food-related businesses aim to target customers at times when food is on their minds – e.g. lunch-hour or just before dinner time. Pay-days and pre-festival season are a great time for encouraging customers to shop. Messages about sales and discounts are ideally posted pre-weekend.

Analyzing the demographics is crucial. Understand your target’s lifestyle and habits. If they’re professionals, a little later in the week and perhaps early in the morning would be ideal, with the best focus for sites like LinkedIn being either just before or after regular business hours. Similarly, if your target audience is a younger crowd, between 10-3 pm on a Monday or weekdays is the perfect slot to grab their attention for Facebook while 1-3 pm Monday to Thursday is the time you’d get the maximum responses and re-tweets on Twitter. The absolutely worst times for Facebook and Twitter are supposed to be between 8pm and 8am, while LinkedIn and Google+ are sluggish during late evenings. However a lot of people continue working even after their 9-5 schedules and this is important in terms of deciding the kind of messages you want to post. A lot of people check their work e-mails from home or while they’re commuting to work, so getting your message to them first thing in the morning would be a good strategy.

Today with all the power of technology available to ensure that your message is delivered to the right people, you can also make sure that it reaches them at the best possible time so that it translates to sales and revenue.